As the name suggests, retractable screens are best suited for large windows or door openings. They can either be retracted horizontally or vertically and can be either hand-operated or controlled by pullies. The remote version is more like Venetian blinds and is also more expensive as compared to the manual version. Remote versions of retractable screens also add value to your home. The best thing about these screens is that once they retract, they totally disappear into the housing unit so they won’t make your house look ugly or awkward.

If you are planning to install a retractable fly screen in your home or office, you must first understand the different kinds and types available in the market. Some popular types you will find in the market are listed below:

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Flat mesh screens

As the name suggests, retractable flat mesh screens are characterized by their smooth flat screening surface. Due to their smooth surface, they are less prone to friction and wear and tear. They can be installed and operated seamlessly in the door or window area and comes in one panel or two panels. In the case of one panel flat mesh screen, the mesh closes against one side. In the case of two panels, they can meet in the middle when closed. Due to their ease of use and installation, they are a popular choice among consumers.


Magnetic fly screens

Magnetic screens come with removable magnetic strips to allow you to easily install them on door frames and windows due to their magnetic properties. Magnetic fly screens can be used in a variety of settings and they can be easily installed on the perimeter of the door or window.

Pleated screens

Similar to their flat mesh counterparts, pleated fly screens use the same track system. Due to their pleats, the screens are not very discreet as in the case of other types of fly screens. Due to this reason, they are suitable in areas where there is a presence of children and elderly people. Their pleats make it difficult for anyone to miss them, even if someone has weak eyesight and they won’t run into the fly screens.

Paneled screens

As the name suggests, these types of retractable fly screens are made up of several panels which makes them an ideal solution when used over a wide opening. You can easily add more panels to the screen to cover the required length or distance. The maximum distance that can be covered by paneled screens is up to 9 meters, which is quite a lot.

Apart from the functionality these retractable screens offer, you can choose them for their increased durability, ease of use, ability to cover large spaces and openings, as well as for their ability to be energy efficient.