Fly Screens For Garage Door

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Product Name

Barrier-Free Pleated Retractable Door Screen


Barrier-free is an ideal screen which provides freely accessible indoor space, uses only a thin plate as sliding guide. Can be used as windows screens, screen door, for interior light compartment at the entrance door or any of the entry. Convenient to be uninstalled for cleaning.


Window: Servery Window, Bi-fold Windows and more.

Door: Garage Door, Hinged Door, Sliding Door, French Door, Stacker Door, Bi-fold Door and more.

Patio & Alfresco: Screens can be used for enclosure of Patio & Alfresco.

Product Features

1. Recommend screen size: 3 meter high, width is not limited

(The product has height & width ratio per panel)

2. Products have passed tension, life and noise test trial standards.

3. Applied to wide open door gate, available with multiple combination of the screen.

4. Without inaccessible corner, easy for cleaning.

5. Can be easily uninstalled, convenient to wash & clean.

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Garage Door Fly Screen


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