Fly Screen Care & Maintenance

All RELIABLE retractable fly screens are designed, manufactured and installed to the highest possible standards. To keep your screens looking and performing like new, please review this Product Care information. Here you will find tips for how to get the most of your screens with years of trouble-free operation. If you experience difficulties please contact your Authorised RELIABLE dealer, who will be happy to assist.


The finishes applied to the RELIABLE products are of the highest quality available and are extremely durable and weather resistant. Like all fixtures around the home, dirt, dust and atmospheric pollutants will be deposited on them over time.

Powder-coated surfaces should be cleaned every six months to protect the finish. However, in areas where pollutants are more prevalent, especially in coastal or industrial regions, cleaning should be carried out every two to three months.

Cleaning Powder Coated surfaces

1. Carefully remove any loose deposits with a wet sponge.

2. Use a soft non-abrasive brush or cloth and mild household detergent solution to remove dust, salt and other deposits.

3. Wipe over with an absorbent cloth chamois to prevent watermarks from forming.

Cleaning the mesh

Mesh can be effectively cleaned with a soft-bristled brush or with the furniture brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should you use steel wool, scourer pads, abrasive based cleaners, scouring liquids or powders, or caustic solutions as these will cause permanent damage to the finish and void the product guarantee.


Cleaning Tracks and Brush piles

Keep tracks and brush piles free of debris by vacuuming.

IMPORTANT: It is important to fully close the pleated mesh daily, this is to maintain screens pleated back nicely. In the event of the screen not pleat properly, please spray wet the mesh and push it back to the closed position to leave it dry, this should bring the mesh pleat back nicely.

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RELIABLE SCREEN SUPPLY © 2022. All Rights Reserved