Before discussing some tips to help you choose the right casement window screens, let’s first have a look at what casement windows are, the use of casement window screens, and tips that will help you buy the right casement window screens for your home.

What is a Casement Window?

Casement windows may seem a bit unusual in their functionality and appearance. The standard types of windows used in homes are single-hung and double-hung windows, but casement windows are also gaining popularity in Australia. They are designed to pivot the entire window outward or upward and are great to enable airflow. Depending on the style, size, and manufacturer, the casement window is held in place using double or triple hinges.

casement windowBenefits of Casement Windows

Casement windows have a unique design as compared to the other common window types. Some of these benefits are listed below:

Provide Exceptional Airflow – The design of casement windows allows them to provide exceptional airflow. The windows are able to capture breezes more easily.

Add a Unique Architectural Distinction – Homeowners who want their homes to look unique and distinct often choose casement windows for their unique architectural distinction.

Work Great with other Window Styles – You can easily mix and match your casement window with any other type of windows. Casement windows are usually introduced in rooms that can use more airflow and light.

Provide Added Security – Everyone dreams of protecting their home from intruders and casement window screens let you do that with ease! They not only offer safety, but they also offer a safe and attractive experience.

Help in Energy Efficiency – Every homeowner wants to save money and spend less on utility bills. If you are looking for ways to achieve this, consider installing casement windows in your home.

casement windowsCasement Window Screens

Casement window screens are placed inside the window to protect them from environmental factors.

Advantages of Casement Window Screens

Casement windows are considered to be the second-most energy-efficient type of window. The first on the list are fixed pane windows when it comes to energy efficiency as they don’t open. Just like in the case of retractable window screens, the purpose of casement window screens is to let natural light and air in the home while keeping pesky bugs outside. Since you are able to completely open the casement window, you will be able to create a generous amount of airflow into the house. With the use of casement window screens, you can enjoy the weather while keeping bugs and insects at bay.