Reasons Why You Need Fly Screens

Fly screen doors and windows by Hiss AU can be used to make your home insect-free. Let’s see some of the reasons why fly screens are important for you:

Mosquitoes are quite dangerous

Did you know most of the deaths on earth are associated with mosquitoes as compared to any other animal? There are a number of deadly diseases related to mosquitoes such as dengue, malaria, yellow fåever, and encephalitis. Insect screen Auckland can be used to prevent the attack of mosquitoes.

Insects bite humans and animals

Female mosquitoes need protein for their eggs and for that purpose, they take out blood. If you have Fly screen doors you can protect yourself from getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide from 75 feet away

Both humans and animals produce carbon dioxide, and it is the key signal for mosquitoes to detect that blood meal is near. Once a female mosquito senses carbon dioxide, she flies back and forth to find the potential blood meal and stops until locating the victim. We all emit carbon dioxide, so we all are at risk. Protect your homes, yourself and your pets from being bitten by installing insect screens.

Flies can transfer bacteria

You might think that flies are harmless as they don’t bite, but they are far more dangerous than you think. They are known to transfer all sorts of bacteria including E-coli, Noro-virus and a lot more when they land on food. Anybody who eats the food that has bacteria on food can get ill or it can be fatal as well. Having insect screens and fly screens can ensure you are protected from flies even during summers.

Cockroaches leave behind deposits

Besides flies, cockroaches are other culprits. Normally, cockroaches are considered clean as they constantly groom themselves. However, they do leave deposits behind, mostly in their feces. This can cause problems for people, especially asthma patients. When asthma sufferers are exposed to cockroach deposits, their condition worsens. Some of the symptoms of these microscopic allergens are watery eyes, skin rashes, full asthma attack, and nasal congestion.

Insects can be more than just annoying

Apart from leaving an itchy area for a day or two, some insect bites can cause serious allergic reactions with greater consequences. Having an insect screen installed on your windows and doors can be a great help as it prevents insects from coming in your home or office.