How Fly Screens & Insect Screens Protect Your Business

Hiss NZ has many clients who buy insect screens for their home, but lately, the demand for fly and insect screens has risen for commercial clients as well. Listed below are some of the ways in which fly screens NZ can protect businesses.

Offices fly and insect screens

As the temperate increases in the summer season, so does the population of flying insects. As far as offices are concerned, during the summer season, it gets really difficult for the staff to sit in an extremely hot office and be productive at the same time. For that purpose, many businesses turn the air conditioners which can be expensive.

This is where fly screens and insect screens come in. They can be installed from Hiss NZ easily and they will help keep the offices cool while protecting the offices from being attacked by flies and insects. Moreover, they ensure that the staff remains productive and focused while keeping down the air conditioning cost.

Fly screens for restaurants and food establishments

People who are a part of the food industry know this very well that there are some strict rules and regulations set by the Food Standards Agency that every restaurant and food outlet should protect and prevent their places from insects and flies in order to ensure hygiene. Flies and insects carry bacteria that can result in a number of health issues, so making sure insect prevention solutions are implemented is important.

Our fly screen doors and insect screens are a perfect solution for such businesses. Besides preventing insects from entering inside, magnetic fly screens NZ also ensures your kitchens and dining areas are well ventilated. Along with great protection, our screens can give your business a boost; they are also cost-effective and are easy to maintain.

Educational Institutions fly screen doors

Teaching and learning both can get difficult in the summer season; classes can get really hot hence distracting everyone. However, our fly screen doors make certain that classrooms remain well ventilated and free from insects and flies.

Above all, insects entering schools can be dangerous for children, especially the ones who have specific allergies. Window fly screens can also be fitted in schools and university kitchens, laboratories, and washrooms.

Retirement homes and care homes

Many elderly people in retirement homes and care homes don’t get enough experience of enjoying fresh air. Hiss NZ fly screen doors are a perfect solution for creating fresh-air ventilated and insect-free rooms for elderly people. The screen door not only gives a good air supply but also keeps old people safe from harmful insects.