Hiss nz Care & Maintenance

HISS’s customized privacy screens and retractable flies offer a leading innovation in the window and door industry. Not at all like most suppliers of retractable mosquito nets, Hiss offers a mix of fly work framework and shade screen that offers exquisite and environmental security and bug screen insurance for private or business entryway or window uses of any size.

Its HISS wrinkled retractable insect screens have been arranged, made and acquainted with the most essential potential measures. Survey this Product Care data so your screens look and work like new with long periods of difficulty free activity. If you experience challenges, contact your approved HISS vendor, who will be glad to help you.

Advanced Features

  • increases natural interior light and air ventilation
  • offers an ecological alternative to insect and dust control
  • create great views of living space by inviting outdoors in
  • Offers privacy protection and full, partial or no shadow


The finishes applied to HISS products are of the highest quality available and are extremely durable and weather resistant. Like every one of the extras in the house, soil, residue and air poisons will be kept after some time. Powder covered surfaces ought to be cleaned at regular intervals to secure the completion. In any case, in zones where poisons are progressively visit, particularly in seaside or mechanical areas, cleaning ought to be done each a few months.

  • Cleaning of powder covered surfaces
  • Carefully evacuate free stores with a clammy wipe.
  • Use a delicate non-grating brush or material and a gentle family unit cleanser answer for evacuate residue, salt and different stores.
  • Wipe with an absorbent cloth suede to prevent watermarks from forming.

Cleaning insect screening

Insect screen materials can be cleaned enough with a fragile fiber brush or with the furniture brush association on your vacuum. In no way, shape or form should you use steel downy, scourers, harsh based cleaners, scouring liquids or powders, or acidic courses of action, as they will make never-ending hurt the fulfillment and void the thing ensure.


Cleaning tracks and brush stacks Keep caterpillars and brush heaps liberated from trash by vacuuming. It is critical to close the insect screen with folds day by day, this is to keep the screens with folds well indeed. In case the screen does not fold correctly, spray the mesh with water and push it back to the closed position to leave it dry, this should return the mesh fold in a pleasant way.