Standard Track Pleated System

Opening Configuration

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Product Features

Can be retained in the aluminum panel and fit in all types of windows and doors. Mesh is made with eco friendly materials, it provides clear vision and is highly breathable.

Design allows easy installation and easy maintenance. No need to remove any screws or frames for changing the mesh.

1. Patent Design:
The cord box can be easily detached

3. Wind hooks:
More wind resistant, prevent from mesh blowing off the track

2. Cord tension
Better tension of the cords means better performance

4. Easy Remesh:
Remesh the screen by
simply taking out the
plastic component

Product Details

Frame colour options
White / Black / Clear Anodised / Monument
*Custom colour available

Mesh colour options
Grey / Black

Mesh Material
(PE + PP), Midges proof (3 years warranty)

Frame Material
Powder coated aluminium (5 years warranty)

Technical Specification