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Custom Screen Door Solutions: The Advantages of Choosing HISS Sliding Fly Screen Doors in Brisbane

French doors lend visual appeal and plenty of light to interior and exterior spaces. When your French doors lead outside, you naturally want to throw them open anytime the weather is pleasant. However, when you do this, you’re also opening the ... read more.

Retractable Fly Screens for French or Bifold Doors Come to Brisbane

First sold in Taiwan and then New Zealand, award-winning HISS retractable insect screens for French doors are available in Brisbane now! Over the past twenty years, HISS screens have become synonymous with innovation and quality. Offering safe and ... read more.

Get Fly and Bug Relief with an Outdoor Window Retractable Insect Screen for Your Gold Coast Home

There are few things more annoying than having to put up with flying insects in the house. Whether it’s mosquitos, midges or flies, bugs are one of the primary drawbacks of summer for many Australians. Thankfully, there is a cost-effective and ... read more.

A Flyscreen for the Future: The Best Retractable Fly Screen Door in Brisbane

It’s exciting to find a space with a beautiful view, and big windows can make it even more magical. You might find an unfortunate downside though when you go to enjoy your wide windows on a sunny morning or a pleasant evening: flies and ... read more.

Order Your Retractable Fly Screens and Fly Screen Door Online Through a Trusted Gold Coast Provider

If you are living on the Gold Coast, you know how pesky flies and other insects can be. They can sneak into your home through an open window or door, and once inside they wreak havoc on everything. They land on you while you are sleeping, try ... read more.

Care and Maintenance for Retractable Patio Insect Screens in Brisbane

Retractable insect screens are an excellent solution for turning your outdoor space into a great entertainment area or a place to just relax after a long day. With beautiful summertime weather comes plenty of pesky insects and adding ... read more.

Enjoy Your Patio with Mosquito- and Insect-Proof Retractable Window Screens on the Gold Coast

Many people love enjoying the fresh air when the weather is pleasant, especially if you are fortunate enough to have a patio or alfresco space on your property. Unfortunately, you may find that your social patio space is also a magnet for a host ... read more.

Keep Insects Out of your Gold Coast Home With our Sliding or Retractable Fly Screens for French Doors

French doors can add a lot of beauty to a home. They are also functional. If you want to let air and sunlight in, you have to leave them open. Unfortunately, that makes it possible for insects to get into your home as well. Nobody wants to think ... read more.

Why You’ll Love Sliding or Bifold Fly Screens and Where to Find Outdoor Fly Screen Solutions in Brisbane

There’s nothing better on a warm, breezy day than to have your windows and doors open to let the fresh air in or to relax on your patio and take in your surroundings. However, fresh air and ventilation come at a price: insects. Sliding ... read more.

A Look at the Benefits of Fly and Insect Screens and Where to Buy a Retractable Window Screen in Brisbane

Anytime the weather is pleasant; it’s tempting to throw open our doors and windows and let the fresh air stream in. However, when we do this, we’re also inviting flies and other insects into our homes and businesses. Insects are not only ... read more.

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喜室 隱藏折疊式紗窗門,公司座落在南台灣美麗的港都-高雄,創立於1987年,是一家融合了安全、舒適、幸福及和諧生活空間為設計概念的創新研發製造廠。

喜室紐澳總代理成立於2012年位於紐西蘭奧克蘭市, 為紐西蘭提供優質的折疊式紗窗門, 深受當地Kiwi及華人的喜愛.  為了提供服務於澳大利亞的市場, 在2015年開發澳洲第一家加盟商, 位於昆士蘭省的布里斯本市. 

喜室 隱藏折疊式紗窗門不同於傳統式固定式紗窗門, 我們獨特的設計紗網與遮陽布的結合, 讓客人有更豐富的選擇性. 折疊式紗窗門, 適用於任何門窗, 讓您在留住美好風景的同時, 也可以擋掉討人厭的蚊蟲. 

我們公司的宗旨在於 (誠信, 創新, 服務, 及耐用).