Warranty Terms & Conditions (Registration) 保 修 條 款 及 條 件

RSS pleated retractable fly Screens come with a 5 years warranty for all the fixed parts (Aluminium), and 3 years warranty for the moving parts (Mesh/cord) in effect at the date of delivery.  That is provided the goods are genuine RSS components, have been fabricated and installed by an RSS reseller/installer and used in accordance with recommendations given, including that the goods have been, or are being used for the purpose for which they were designed.


This limited warranty does not cover apparent defects caused by unfair wear and tear or abnormal use of the product, modification or alteration of the product, improper assembly or failures resulting from inadequate inspection and maintenance or extreme weather.  RSS may repair or replace at its option any portion of the subject product which proves to be defective under the terms of this warranty at no further cost to the buyer.


RSS shall be liable under this limited warranty only for the cost or at its option, the repair or replacement of defective products.  All incidental or consequential damages which may arise including, but not limited to business losses, personal property damage and third party liabilities are hereby excluded.



Be able to show that:

• The product defect or damage has occurred because of faulty products or workmanship.

• The product has been used expressly for its intended purpose.

• The Product Care & Maintenance obligations have been fulfilled.

• They are the original purchaser.

• The claim is within the warranty period as set for the product.


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喜室 隱藏折疊式紗窗門 產品固定配件有7年有限保修 (鋁框), 在紗網,布料,以及線所有移動的材料,我們有5年的有限保修,保修期限從安裝好那天開始算起。 所有產品必須要是 喜室 所提供的產品,也必須經過 喜室 認證合格的安裝師傅所安裝,並且使用用途上也必須要是在產品建議使用範圍內,如果不符合以上條款,將違反保修條款。


極惡劣的天氣所造成的破壞也不包括在保證裡面。 喜室 有決定權去選擇修理或者是更換新的產品給客戶,所有合乎我們保修的案子,我們將負擔所有修裡費用,不會跟客戶收費。

喜室 在有限保修條款內,應負責修理或更新任何有問題的產品,但只權限產品本身。 所有可能的間接損害,客戶個人損失,或者第三者責任都不包括在保證範圍。