Fly Screen Care & Maintenance 保 養 及 維 護

Your RSS pleated retractable RSS screens have been designed, manufactured and installed to the highest possible standards. Please review this Product Care information to keep your screens looking and performing like new with years of trouble-free operation.  Should you experience difficulties please contact your RSS reseller, who will be happy to assist.



The finishes applied to the RSS products are of the highest quality available and are extremely durable and weather resistant. Like all fixtures around the home, dirt, dust and atmospheric pollutants will be deposited on them over time. 


Powder coated surfaces should be cleaned every six months to protect the finish. However, in areas where pollutants are more prevalent, especially in coastal or industrial regions, cleaning should be carried out every two to three months. 


How to clean a powder coated surfaces

1. Carefully remove any loose deposits with a wet sponge.

2. Use a soft nonabrasive brush or cloth and mild household detergent solution to remove dust, salt and other deposits.

3. Wipe over with an absorbent cloth chamois to prevent water marks forming.


How to cleaning the mesh

Mesh can be effectively cleaned with a soft bristled brush or with the furniture brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Feel free to stretch the mesh gently to get into the fold.


IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should you use steel wool, scourer pads, abrasive based cleaners, scouring liquids or powders, or caustic solutions as these will cause permanent damage to the finish and void the product guarantee. 


Maintenance (Fortnightly)

Cleaning tracks and brush piles

Keep tracks and brush piles free of debris by vacuuming and wiping.


IMPORTANT:  It is important to fully close the pleated fly screen daily, this is to maintain screens pleated back nicely. In the event of the screen not pleat back properly, please spray the mesh with warm water and carefully fold the uneven mesh back by hand. Next, push it back to fully closed position to allow it dry, this should bring the mesh pleat back nicely.

Vertical operation screen

Over time, the cord will stretch a little, this means the tension of the cord will need to be tightened.

In the event of handle not staying in position (Vertical operation screen only), cord tension can be tightened from the cord box at both ends of the tracks.

Each screw adjusts each individual cord, use flat head screws to turn Clockwise, you will hear a “Click”.

Start with one click on each screw, and repeat if necessary.  

喜室 隱藏折疊式紗窗門 從設計, 生產, 到安裝, 我們都以嚴格的品質要求自己.  請您詳細閱讀我們的產品保養及維護, 讓您的喜室產品能夠保持最佳的狀態. 如果您對產品有任何的疑問, 也請您跟我們經銷商聯繫, 或者直接與我們聯繫. 我們非常願意為您提供服務. 


產品的表面是非常的耐用及抗氣候, 但是就跟您的家俱一樣, 表面會沾附著灰塵及髒物.  電鍍的表面每六個月至少要做一次清潔來保護表面. 但是如果您所在的地方是海邊或者是工業區, 建議每2至3個月要做一次清潔.


1.  小心的用沾濕的海綿把表面的灰塵或髒東西擦掉

2.  用軟刷毛或者是布料, 配合溫和的清潔液來移除表面附著的鹽巴或頑固的髒東西.

3.  用吸水的布料把表面擦拭乾淨, 以免留下乾掉的水痕.



注意事項:  禁止在任何情況下用鋼絲球, 清潔球墊, 磨料清潔液, 淘液體, 粉末, 或者腐蝕性的液體, 這些都會對產品造成永久性的傷害, 並且會違反我們的產品保證.


定期清潔軌道及把手上面的軟毛刷 (請用吸塵器清潔軌道)

注意事項:  請將折疊式紗網每天收回到不使用狀態, 這個動作會保持您的折纱網摺疊流暢.  如果您的折纱有折疊的不順的情形, 請用清水把折疊紗網噴濕, 然後收回到不使用狀態讓它晾乾, 這會使折纱網恢復摺痕.